Doing things differently leads to something exceptional.

That’s the driving force behind the team here at Red Apple Finance. We believe that just because things have been done a certain way in the past, there is no reason why they can’t be done a better way in the future. The world of premium finance hasn’t changed an awful lot in the 25 years that our group has been active in the insurance industry as a broker and technology company.

Our software will speak for itself; suffice to say it is very flexible and will be subject to continuous development by our in-house team. This, along with our partnership with our funders; Barclays Bank, will allow us to deliver an innovative service underpinned by established support. 

Tania Frowen – Managing Director 


At Red Apple Finance we offer the optimal finance solution and our service positions the client at the centre of our business. Our distinctiveness rests in how we have created a platform that is not only efficient but also flexible by using state of the art technology. Our solutions range from full premium funding to a software solution only.

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